Car AC stopped cooling suddenly

car ac stopped cooling suddenly

Car AC Stopped Cooling Suddenly

This is a fast step by step guide on how to locate what is preventing the operation of the a/c system in your car. If the A/C in your car stopped cooling suddenly ,by knowing the a/c system pressure readings you can determine what component is not operating properly and replace it.

Step by Step car a/c diagnostic


Car A/C system suddenly stopped operation.

For the auto A/C system to operate we need the major air conditioning components to operate properly. When the a/c stop cooling suddenly we need to follow a logical diagnostic process to get to the cause of the a/c malfunction as fast and efficiently as possible. We’ll be looking to gather at least this useful information:

  • Exactly what is the concern.
  • When did the a/c fault happen ?
  • How often ?
  • Conditions of the vehicle at the time of the a/c fault.


Exactly what is the concern ? Is the auto ac not cooling enough or the cooling capacity has decreased. This category will lead us into a more specific area of the air conditioning system. Is the air coming out from the vents or there is no air at all blowing out from the a/c ducts ?

When did the A/C fault happen ? The approach will be different if the a/c fault only happens during the night or day and specific what part of the day or night. The ambient temperature will vary and the heat load on the car a/c system will be different.

How often ? Is the first time or is the problem repeating and how often? The more specific the information we get the easier the troubleshooting process will be.


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