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Car A/C compressor cycling on and off

The car a/c compressor cycles on and off according to the air conditioning system temperature and pressure. Normal on and off cycling happens at a manufacturer predetermined a/c system temperature and pressure. Car ac compressor cycling is one of the logics used by car manufacturer to protect the car a/c system by preventing excessive high pressure or excessive low temperature.

Rapidly car ac compressor cycling on and off.

Rapidly car a/c compressor cycling on and off could indicate a problem in the car air conditioning system. As a safety measure the compressor cycling clutch devices interrupt power to the compressor clutch coil to avoid damage to the compressor, evaporator coil freezing up or ac hoses damage. Any car ac compressor operation under extreme parameters of temperature and pressure will affect the  compressor oil quality and circulation back to the compressor and could exceed the design work pressure and temperature for the ac components in the vehicle.

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