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What can I use to flush an automotive AC system?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend closed loop flushing with air conditioning refrigerant as a flushing agent.  A benefit of this type of flushing is there is no danger of flush contamination,  since the flush agent being used is the correct refrigerant for the automotive A/C system.

Non-Approved Automotive AC flushes

Non-Approved flushes : Over the years many different liquids have been used as a non-approved flushes for A/C systems. The more common items are:

  • Alcohol
  • Brake cleaner
  • Carburetor cleaner
  • Mineral spirits
  • Penetrating oil
  • R-11, R-22, R-113
  • Gasoline

Automotive AC system contamination with liquid flush agents

The use of unapproved chemical flushes can result in damage to rubber components in sealing washers , compressor shaft seals , O-rings and hoses.

Automotive A/C compressor internal damage

Unapproved chemical flushes when mixed with the auto ac compressor oil , it will alter the viscosity of the oil as well. Any material left behind in the a/c system after flushing will dilute the lubricant and cause performance issues , increased compressor noise and premature compressor failure. If compressor failure is caused by non-approved flushing agent being left behind in the a/c system it can void the compressor warranty.

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Why is my car heater blowing cold?

The reason could be the blend door actuator stuck in the cold setting position.

What is an automotive ac door actuator ?

The blend door actuator is a small electric motor. As you adjust the temperature up and down, the signals go through the actuator to complete the request, positioning the air door on the right position.


If an actuator binds inside the Hvac plenum, the control module will attempt to overcome the restriction several times before it shuts down the circuit. You will hear the ticking noise. If the binding clears on the next activation, the control module will perform a calibration and set a history DTC.


The a/c Blend door  Actuator Motor is located on the Hvac Box underneath the dashboard. The exact location of the Actuator will depend on the Make, Model and Year of the vehicle serviced.

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flushing the heater core
  • Air pockets in the heater core can interfere with proper coolant circulation. Air pockets form when the coolant level is low or when the cooling system is not properly filled after draining it. 
  • A gurgling noise in the heater core may be caused by a low coolant level in the cooling system. A low coolant level will allow too much air in the cooling system. The excessive air will mix with the coolant and create the gurgling noise. 
  • A restricted heater core will also cause a gurgling noise from the coolant passing through the restricted area. 
  • Coolant leaks. Internal engine coolant leakage is probable the worst-case scenario. 
  • The engine thermostat is staying open and the vehicle doesn’t reach operating temperature. 
  • Heater control valve malfunction. 
  • Blend door actuator motor malfunction. 

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Nissan vehicle interior. Sun load sensor.

How does the sun load sensor in my car work?

Varying amounts of exposure to sunlight will modify its electrical return signal to the programmer to adjust system output toward cooler air; less sunlight will cause the programmer to adjust system output toward warmer air. Some multizone climate control systems have more than one sun load sensor.

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automotive ac compressor and refrigerant lines

Solar Sensor, Sun load sensor or Ambient light sensor.

The solar, sun load sensor, or ambient light sensor detects the heat load of the sun, elevation and azimuth. It is used to adjust the amount and direction of the cooled air through the dash vents and to control headlights operation of the vehicle.

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Auto A/C compressor, compression Test.

To check the auto a/c compressor compression ratio, note on paper the low and high side gauge readings and add atmospheric pressure to both readings. Divide the high side reading (with the atmospheric pressure added) by the low side reading (with the atmospheric pressure added).The result should be between 6.5:1 and 7.5:1. A compression ratio of 8:1 or higher may cause compressor failure. Learn More…

The A/C compressor is considered the heart of the refrigeration system. Compression ratio is the technical expression for pressure difference. Compression ratios are used to compare pumping conditions for a compressor and is an efficient way to evaluate the health of an air conditioning compressor.

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How long should an air conditioner compressor last in a car?

How long should an air conditioner compressor last in a car?

The air conditioner compressor should last the entire life of the vehicle. The car ac compressor damage is usually a sign that something else in the cooling system or car ac system is not operating properly and is negatively impacting the auto ac compressor operation.

There are multiple ways to ensure the auto ac compressor last for the entire life of your vehicle.

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