auto air conditioning repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Major Auto air conditioning repairs could be avoided or delayed if some components of the air conditioning system are well maintained and operating at 100 % efficiency.

Car Air Conditioning condenser location

The air conditioning condenser is a heat exchanger like a radiator. It is usually located in front of the vehicle. Other automotive air conditioning designs could have the a/c condenser positioned below the radiator ,on the side of the vehicle or on the roof of the cab.

Automotive air conditioning Repair

The modern design air conditioning condenser cannot be flushed or repaired for leaks. If the condenser is internally contaminated with debris from a compressor failure, stop leak sealer or desiccant bag ruptures, the condenser must be replaced with a new efficient design condenser to ensure a longer life of the air conditioning compressor, and the best performance out of the a/c system.

Auto Air conditioning Condenser Installation

The auto air conditioning operation will be impacted by the condenser design type installed. When replacing the ac condenser, it is vital for the auto air conditioning peak performance to have the fan assembly installed according to manufacturer specifications. Condenser fan assembly ,fan clutch and fan shroud must be replaced if they are suspected of being underperforming or damaged.

The auto air conditioning longevity depends on the proper operation of the ac condenser. The A/C system must be refrigerant charged (Freon) according to specification and the refrigerant must comply at least with the current purity standards. After the condenser is replaced the system must be oil balanced to compensate for the oil loss that goes inside the old condenser coil. The type of oil used, and the exact amount of oil is critical to ensure the best auto air conditioning system performance.

Forced Air and Ram Air automotive system.

The Parallel Flow air conditioning Condenser is the most efficient automotive design currently available and it has considerably improved the automotive cabin interior comfort, but It cannot rely only on the outside ambient natural air flow and temperature to achieve the task of desuperheating, condensing and  subcooling that happens along its coil passages and fins. It is  imperative that a condenser fan assembly forces the right amount of air through the condenser and at the right speed to help with these heat exchange process between the superheated refrigerant from the vehicle cabin and the outside ambient air.

Auto Air conditioning system and Engine Overheating

Just because the engine temperature isn’t elevated, doesn’t mean that the fan is working properly. The fan operation should be double checked with the impact of the fan assembly on the ac system in mind and not only the engine cooling system operation. Just because the fan is turning, and the engine is not showing signs of overheating condition it doesn’t necessarily mean that is turning fast enough for the proper operation of the air conditioning system. Poor fan clutch performance would increase the overall head pressure of the a/c system and may develop leaks from any connection of the hvac lines or compressor main seals.

Auto Air conditioning Repair and maintenance

Depending on the conditions the vehicle is driven the auto air conditioning condenser may need periodically scheduled maintenance.

  • The condenser coil must be clean
  • Free from road debris ,leaves and dirt
  • The condenser coil cannot properly operate with missing or bent fin.
  • Aftermarket modifications of the bumper, front grille and fresh air intakes affect the a/c condenser operation.
  • Aftermarket fan clutch or condenser fan assemblies out of specification must be corrected

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