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How to Replace the Evaporator Temperature Sensor (Switch) ?

What is the Evaporator Temperature Sensor?

This is a variable resistor that measures the evaporator temperature at its coldest point. The computer uses this signal to cycle the compressor clutch, and maintain evaporator temperatures above freezing. The evaporator temperature sensor tells the computer the temperature of the evaporator.
These systems vary when they turn the compressor clutch on and off, based on outside temperature. When outside temperatures are warmer, the computer turns the compressor on and off at lower temperatures. When outside temperatures are cooler, the computer turns the compressor on and off at higher temperatures. This temperature variation allows the evaporator to become as cold as possible, without reaching freezing point.

Where is the evaporator temperature sensor located?

The evaporator temperature sensor is mounted on the evaporator. Look for the evaporator fin temperature sensor inserted into the lower right / left side of the evaporator, fastened to the case with locking tabs, and sealed to the case with a seal.

What are the symptoms of a Bad or Failing Evaporator Temperature Sensor?

This sensor could fail in several ways and sometimes will set a code that could be check with a scan tool. This code will reset automatically after replacing the sensor or in some cases a scan tool will be needed for this purpose. A problem with the evaporator temperature sensor will disable the ac system preventing the compressor from running and blowing ambient temperature air from the ac vents.

  1. A/C not blowing cold air from the vents anymore.
  2. Inoperative compressor.
  3. Low volume of air coming out from the vents even with blower in Max speed.
  4. Evaporator freezing up.
  5. In some make/model the ECM will set a DTC code.
  6. Intermittent operation of the air conditioning. A/C system sometimes will blow cold air out from the vents and sometimes not.

How to replace the evaporator temperature sensor?

Honda Accord 2006 2.4L

  1. Open the glove box. Remove the damper from the glove box, and then let the glove box hang down.

2.Disconnect the 2P connector from the evaporator temperature sensor, and then remove the connector clip. Remove the self-tapping screw, and carefully pull out the evaporator temperature sensor.
3.Install the sensor in the reverse order of removal.
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How long does an evaporator temperature sensor (switch) last?

The AC evaporator temperature sensor should last for the entire life of the car.

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