car ac compressor repair near me

Car A/C compressor repair near me.

Car a/c compressor repair near me.

The car a/c compressor repair could be a labor intensive job and a expensive one depending on the make, model and year of the specific vehicle. The first and most important step in the car ac compressor repair is to make sure the system is properly diagnosed and the a/c compressor really needs to be replaced. When the auto ac compressor fails the cause of the failure must be found and corrected to prevent any damage to the brand new car ac compressor that will be installed.

How long does an ac compressor last in a car ?

The car a/c compressor  can last the lifetime of the car without needing any type of repair, but a compressor’s life span is around 8- 10 years.

How much does an AC Compressor  Repair Cost ?

A car ac compressor repair service cost will depend on the make ,model and year of the car you drive, parts availability  and the auto repair shop you go to. AUTO A/C REPAIR LLC. technicians are mobile, which means they do not have the overhead that repair shops have. They come to your place and the service is done on-site.

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To have a car ac compressor properly repaired (Parts and labor included) and the ac system re-filled the price ranges you could find will start from $500.00.

What parts should I replaced together with my car a/c compressor repair ?

  • AC Compressor assembly
  • All O-rings(seals) at every connection disconnected
  • Accumulator /Receiver drier depending on the type of system
  • Fixed Orifice Tube
  • Air conditioning oil
  • Recharge refrigerant(R-134a/1234yf) back into the system
  • A/C Condenser
  • Properly flush a/c lines

We do on site car ac compressor replacement near your area in all Miami-Dade County. Call Us Now !

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