car ac hv electric compressor

car ac HV electric compressor.

Car ac HV electric compressor and hybrid systems.

Most HEV, PHEV, and EV air conditioning car ac HV electric compressor A/C systems are different than conventional:

  • Car ac HV Electric compressors eliminate the need for an A/C clutch
  • No A/C drive belt is needed.
  • The Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) oil used on conventional R-134a systems is conductive and cannot be used in HV car ac electric compressors.
  • A solenoid controlled TXV or restriction, offering multiple restriction sizes between the high-pressure liquid line and the low-pressure liquid line.
  • A new role of the a/c system compressor is the cooling of the HV batteries.
  • Polyolester (POE) oil is used to lubricate the HV compressor internally. POE oil has better electrical resistance and provides a better HV isolation.

Car ac electric compressor contamination.

Oil contamination is a bigger issue in the new EV air conditioning systems. The PAG oil used in conventional R-134a systems is conductive and cannot be used in HV compressors. Even small amount (as little as 0.001 percent) introduced during service can be enough to cause damage to the compressor and result in a HV leak that shuts the system.

Common causes of EV High voltage ac system contamination.

The most common cause of contamination is using a recovery machine that has PAG oil in its line to service a hybrid or EV  requiring (POE) oil.

How to repair an A/C system contamination in EV and hybrid vehicles.

Repair for oil contamination requires replacement of every component in the A/C system.

How are car ac HV electric compressor controlled.

Almost all modern HV electric A/C compressors have a built-in inverter to them. The compressor’s internal inverter changes the HV DC power fed to it from the HV battery into a three-phase AC power. The three-phase power drives a small rotor connected to the scroll compressor. Refrigerant flow volume is adjusted by adjusting the speed of the compressor drive rotor as well as the size of the restriction at the thermostatic expansion valve (TXV)


High Voltage Air conditioning EV systems Maintenance.

A/C maintenance is critical on HEVs, PHEVs, and EVs. Some vehicles use the A/C system to cool the HV battery. The HV battery is the most expensive HV component in the vehicle, so it is essential to make sure the A/C system is fully functional.

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