What are the symptoms of an overcharged car AC system

What are the symptoms of an overcharged car A/C system?

Common overcharged car A/C symptoms

A list of common refrigerant overcharged car A/C symptoms:

  • High discharge pressures
  • High suction pressures
  • High compression ratios
  • High Condenser subcooling
  • Near normal superheats with a TXV system
  • Low superheats with fixed orifice tube system(FOT)
  • Insufficient cabin cooling
  • A/C compressor damage
  • A/C pressure relief valve opening and venting refrigerant.
  • A/C noisy compressor
  • Liquid refrigerant intrusion into the  a/c compressor
  • A/C compressor sweating down its side or all over

How to Fix an Overcharged car AC system

Step by step guide on how to fix an overcharged car a/c system:

To fix an overcharged car a/c system ,it must be properly charged with the exact amount of refrigerant specified by the manufacturer. After the system evacuation, and dehydration the system can be charged with the new refrigerant type and amount. The only accurate method to charge a system that requires a critical charge is to weigh the refrigerant into the system.

Step by step procedure on how to recover, vacuum and recharge the car air conditioning system

  • Connect the A/C Recovery equipment to the car air conditioner system
  • Operate the recovery unit to remove refrigerant
  •  Operate the unit until the system has been reduced from a positive pressure to a vacuum.
  • Shut the A/C Recovery machine off, wait at least 5 mins to determine if all the refrigerant has been removed
  • If the system returns to a positive pressure, additional refrigerant recovery is required.
  • Repeat the recovery operation until the vehicle A/C system vacuum remains stable for 2 mins.
Where to find the exact amount of refrigerant specified by the manufacturer ?

The refrigerant type and refrigerant amount are normally found on the specification decal fastened on or close the A/C system under the hood or in the vehicle service manual, by the vehicle manufacturer.

Do you need assistance recharging your overcharged car a/c system ?

Call Today and request a charging and recharging service. Our air conditioning specialist will come to your home or office and take care of your car air conditioning system.

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