Understanding how a car a/c accumulator works.

Understanding how a car a/c accumulator works.

Understanding how a car a/c accumulator works.

The accumulator is an air conditioning system component located at the outlet of the evaporator inside the engine compartment of your car. It resembles a metallic can or a tank with some hoses or lines connected to it. A/C Accumulators are similar in appearance to a receiver/drier but are usually larger, they work different,  and they never contain a sight glass. A/C accumulators keep the moisture inside the air conditioning system, under control. It is always a good idea to replace it after the system has been open for any repair. A leaking or open system will expose the dessicant bag inside the accumulator to the atmosphere making the accumulator ineffective.

What an ac accumulator does in your vehicle?

Some ac systems instead of a receiver/dryer use an accumulator for temporarily storing any liquid refrigerant so it does not get into the compressor where it can cause damage and for trapping moisture inside the ac system.

What are the main causes of an ac accumulator failure?

The accumulator houses a filter screen, a pick up tube a liquid bleed hole and desiccant. A desiccant bag may break and create restrictions on the ac system. The accumulator filters the refrigerant constantly from contamination and if excessive contamination enters the system could create an internal restriction.

Symptoms of a bad or failing ac accumulator

1.Dessicant bag damage
2.A/C lines condenser or fixed orifice tube restrictions
3.Poor A/C performance
4.Internal corrosion of a/c components

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