A/C compressor changed on a chromed car engine.

Truck A/C fixed orifice tube


What is a fixed orifice tube?

A fixed orifice tube is a refrigerant flow meter device .It is a straight tube of plastic or sintered metal with an internal filter/strainer to remove contaminants from the refrigerant and a fixed calibrated orifice

What an ac fixed orifice tube does?

It sprays refrigerant into the evaporator core at a certain rate where it rapidly vaporizes because of its lower temperature compare to the vehicle’s cabin air and absorbs all the heat from inside passing through the evaporator.

What are the main causes of a fixed orifice tube failure?

The main cause is restriction of the filter/strainer due to ac system contamination. Improper service of the ac system, after failure of other components could easily clogged up the orifice tube strainer. The orifice tube should be replaced any time the A/C system is serviced and particularly if the A/C system is found to be contaminated.

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