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A/C thermal expansion valve.

Normal auto A/C vent temperature

Normal auto A/C vent temperature

The normal auto a/c vent temperature will depend on several factors. The make model and year of the vehicle will play a small role in what is withing the normal range or what could be a sign that some component in the vehicle is affecting the air conditioning performance. The first step checking up the ac system operation in your vehicle is to look up the manufacturer specifications and determined if the auto ac system is operating withing the normal range according to manufacturer.

Ambient Temperature and A/C vent temperature

There is a vital relationship between the ambient temperature and the ac air temperature coming out of the vents. The hotter the outside ambient temperature the harder it will be for the vehicle air conditioning system to cool down the inside of the vehicle. In hot and humid weather we need the vehicle cooling system operating at 100 % efficiency as well as a clean condenser with no missing or bent fins.

Auto ac condenser. Subcooling and superheat process.

In range normal auto ac vent temperature according to manufacturer specifications will greatly depend on the subcooling and superheat processes. The refrigerant in a vapor state coming from the ac compressor needs to be de-superheated, condensed from vapor to liquid and subcooled before leaving the air conditioning condenser to the metering device (TXV or FOT).The more the radiator fan assembly is able to cool down the ac condenser  improving the condenser subcooling process the better liquid refrigerant will go through the expansion metering device minimizing the flash gas and inefficiencies.

Auto A/C superheat. Evaporator core and air vent temperature.

Well subcooled liquid refrigerant going through the thermal expansion valve or fixed orifice tube and expanding in the evaporator core will be in charge of carrying the heat out of the vehicle cabin. The heat inside the vehicle will be carried out of the vehicle by the refrigerant superheated in the evaporator core and changing state from liquid back to vapor. To reach normal auto a/c vent temperature we need the evaporator core free from debris and a well maintained ac cabin air filter (If the vehicle has one installed).

Auto A/C compressor and proper refrigerant charge.

The auto a/c refrigerant is the vehicle to move the heat from inside the vehicle to another place outside of the vehicle. This movement or refrigerant flow will depend on good automotive a/c compressor  to take care of that and the specific amount of refrigerant and oil circulating in the system according to manufacturer specifications.

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