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How cold should my AC be at the vent in my car?

The A/C system is designed to provide the passenger compartment with low temperature and low humidity air. During periods of high heat and humidity, an A/C system will be more effective in the Recirculation mode (MAX-A/C).

How cold should my AC be at the vent in my car?

A performance test is the best way to determine whether the system is performing up to design standards. This test also provides valuable clues as to the possible cause of trouble with the A/C system.

How do I check the temperature of my car AC?

Operate the heating-A/C system under the following conditions:

1-Engine at 1,000 rpm at operating temperature

Door and windows closed

2-Transmission in PARK or NEUTRAL with parking brake set (depending on transmission application)

3-A/C-heater controls set to recirculation mode (MAX A/C), full cool, panel mode, high blower and with A/C compressor engaged.

4-Insert a thermometer in the driver side center panel air outlet and operate the A/C system until the thermometer temperature stabilizes.

5-Compare the air temperature at the center panel outlet and the A/C compressor discharge pressure (high side) to the A/C Performance Temperature and Pressure chart.

2016  RAM TRUCK 1500 5.7 L

Ambient Air Temperature (Apparent)21°C (70°F)27°C (80°F)32°C (90°F)38°C (100°F)
Air Temperature at Center Panel Vent7°C (45°F)7°C (45°F)13°C (55°F)13°C (55°F)
Compressor Inlet Pressure (20 to 30 psi)(25 to 35 psi)(30 to 40 psi)(35 to 45 psi)
Compressor Discharge Pressure(150 to 250 psi)(200 to 300 psi)(250 to 350 psi)(290 to 390 psi)