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Auto air conditioner repair near me. EV heat pump system.

Basically , a heat pump is just an A/C system running backwards instead of releasing heat to the outside air at the condenser, the condenser is used like an evaporator to draw heat into the refrigerant for later release in the passenger compartment. To be serviced and repaired must be taken into account  that the auto air conditioner EV heat pump system has some different components when compared to the traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine).

Auto ac conditioner repair near me. Heat pump and traditional system.

The only additions compared to ICE air conditioner systems are an additional heat exchanger, and two special valves and a second orifice tube.

When heat is requested , the two valves are used to redirect refrigerant flow. One, the three-way valve valve , redirects flow to bypass the orifice tube. The other, a two way valve, is closed to force refrigerant through the second orifice tube, called the heating orifice tube.

  • High pressure liquid refrigerant leaves the cabin’s Inner condenser and passes through Heating Orifice Tube, where it drops pressure and temperature . This allows the refrigerant to enter the condenser as a low pressure vapor at a temperature lower than the outside ambient temperature. Since heat travel to cold , the hotter outside air loads up into the refrigerant where the conversion to a low-pressure gas take place.
  • This superheated low pressure gas now enters the compressor and leaves as a high pressure gas, further raising the temperature of the refrigerant.
  • It then enters the inner condenser where the heat is transferred to the cabin by the circulation of the blower motor across the heat exchanger.
  • The loss of heat begins the process of returning the refrigerant to a liquid state on its way back to orifice tube.

Heat pump designs and different components.

The 2013 Nissan Leaf auto air conditioner heat pump design has additional components to operate as efficiently as possible when the outside ambient temperature is too low for the heat pump alone. There is a supplemental PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater to back it up.

The system on the Prius Prime is similar with one important difference. Included in the system is a liquid-gas separator and a small injection pump. The injection pump is used to inject vaporized refrigerant in the compressor during the compressor cycle. This is called an economizer and takes advantage of the Vorhees Principle to increase the efficiency of the heat pump.

Toyota claims that the heat pump system is effective to 14 F . If you live in an area where it gets colder than that ,don’t worry. The conventional heater core is still present as is a supplemental PTC heater.

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