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A/C system check up in Miami-Dade County

How do you diagnose an air conditioner

Air Flow

Car ac blower motor replacement service & cost
No air flow

  1. Inspect blower motor
  2. Inspect blower motor resistor
  3. Inspect fuse
  4. Inspect A/C climate control
  5. Inspect connectors
  6. Inspect harness
  7. Inspect hvac box for


No cooling

Automotive ac system.Head control set.Hvac electrical and electronic

  1. Inspect A/C switch
  2. Check refrigerant level
  3. Inspect clutch relay
  4. Inspect PCM/BCM/ECM
  5. Inspect A/C pressure switch
  6. Inspect compressor clutch coil
  7. Inspect compressor clutch
  8. Inspect compressor clutch air gap
  9. Inspect condenser
  10. Inspect condenser fan
  11. Inspect radiator fan
  12. Inspect evaporator temperature control devices
  13. Inspect temperature sensors control devices
  14. Inspect climate control
  15. Inspect in cabin temperature sensors
  16. Inspect sun load sensors
  17. Inspect power steering pressure sensor

Bad Smell

Leaking evaporator core on site replacement.
2000 Toyota 4runner sr5 on site evaporator replacement.
  1. Check cabin air filter
  2. Check evaporator core
  3. Check hvac box drain tube
  4. Check re-circulation air door /actuator
  5. Check hvac box seals


Clicking noiseA/C compressor relay

  1. Check A/C clutch
  2. Inspect A/C clutch relay
  3. Inspect cycling switch
  4. Inspect refrigerant level
  5. Inspect evaporator temperature sensor
Worn serpentine belts & car ac compressor output.
Serpentine belt type of damage and the negative impact they have on the air conditioning system.
  1. Check drive belt
  2. Check belt tensioner
  3. Check compressor for seizing

A/C compressor

  1. Check compressor
  2. Check compressor clutch
Other helpful tips

Replace the receiver driver with every A/C service.
Replace cabin air filter annually
Ensure that service valve caps are in place at every A/C service.