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Car A/C air conditioning compressor clutch bearing.

Automotive a/c compressor clutch bearing failures are usually caused by system problems and not the bearing itself. Replacing the noisy bearing without finding the root of the problem and fixing it permanently will only lead to premature damage of a new component and a waste of time and money. Seals, compressor shaft and bearing could share the same enemy, heat.

What could cause damage to the ac compressor bearing in my car ?

  1. Excessively high temperature and lack of lubrication
  2. Slipping compressor clutches
  3. Over tensioned manual belt tensioners
  4. A leaking compressor shaft seal

A leaking compressor shaft seal could cause the compressor oil to find its way into the hvac compressor clutch bearing contaminating the grease. The properties of the bearing grease will be changed by this oil contamination causing it a poor compressor bearing lubrication and inevitably internal bearing failure.


What could cause the ac system in my car to buildup excessive high pressure and temperature ?

  1. Leaking air conditioning systems will leak out refrigerant and the oil that resides inside of the compressor creating a huge frictional resistance between the compressor piston and the cylinder leading to an increase in compressor internal temperature.
  2. Overcharged or improperly vacuumed auto ac systems will create high system pressures and therefore elevated temperatures.
  3. Compressor pressure plate and rotor pulley excessive air gap will cause slippage and rise in temperature.

Replacing just the bearing

A/C compressor factory bearing defects will not  need more than a few hours of compressor operation to become evident. Rarely the bearing itself is the culprit.