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What does an ac actuator do ?

What does an A/C actuator do ?

An A/C door actuator is a small  motor that the auto ac air conditioning delivery system uses to control the movement of heated and cooled air into and throughout the passenger compartment and to give the driver control over the position of the vents from where the cooled or heater air will come out.

Where is the A/C actuator located in my car ?

The plenum houses the air doors and door actuators that direct airflow to the correct ductwork. The doors may be controlled by cables, vacuum, or electrical actuators. Single zone systems are usually equipped with three doors

The Hvac housing is the plenum unit located and beneath the instrument panel. It contains the evaporator and heater core, and the blower motor assembly and the blower speed control device.

Do you need assistance with the A/C door actuator in your vehicle ?

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