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Bad Auto A/C condenser symptoms

A good operating A/C Condenser should be hot at the top, warm on the middle of the condenser coil, and cool on the bottom part of the coil surface. If the a/c condenser is not operating as described, that is a warning sign that you are dealing with a damaged, or bad ac condenser. A bad A/C condenser will greatly affect the longevity of the air conditioner compressor. An underperforming air conditioning condenser will affect the entire a/c system operation and if not corrected on time will lead to more expensive repairs.

Common Warning signs of a Bad A/C Condenser

This is a list of the most common signs of a bad a/c condenser:

  • Cold spots on the condenser coil surface indicates a problem
  • Hot from top to bottom condenser coil indicates a problem
  • A/C condenser corrosion will reduce the performance of the condenser
  • road debris or surface restriction on the condenser
  • Any bent or missing fins will decrease the rate of heat exchange between the refrigerant and the outside ambient air
  • Excessive overload on the a/c compressor
  • High overall head pressure of the air conditioning system
  • Noticeable decrease in vehicle interior cooling performance
  • Several compressor failures in a relatively short period of time
  • Decreased condenser subcooling
  • Higher temperature differential between the outside ambient air and the condensation temperature.
  • Condenser fan assembly operating on high continuously
  • Lower A/C compressor capacity.

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