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How to replace an auto ac receiver drier.
Receiver-drier location.

The receiver drier is a storage tank for the liquid refrigerant from the condenser. It also contains a bag of desiccant.

The purpose of the desiccant is to absorb any moisture that might enter the system during assembly or service. The receiver drier is often neglected when the air conditioning system is serviced or repaired. Failure to replace it can lead to poor system performance or replacement part failure.

When should I change my AC filter drier?

It is recommended that the receiver drier and /or its desiccant be changed whenever a component is replaced, the system has lost the refrigerant charge, or the system has been open to the atmosphere for any length of time.

AC receiver drier refrigerant flow restriction.

If the receiver-drier outlet is colder than the inlet, this unit is restricted and should be changed to restore efficient and proper system operation.

How can i make my car ac colder

A routine A/C maintenance service should include all of the following: 

  1. Checking the condenser mounts.
  2. Removing debris from the condenser fins.
  3. Straightening the condenser fins.
  4. Cabin air filter check up
  5. Hvac box drain tube check up
  6. temperature at the vents check up

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