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ac freon recharge near me

The only accurate method to recharge an automotive a/c system that requires a critical charge is to weigh the refrigerant (Freon) into the  system using a manifold gauge set and calibrated special scale for this purpose. Recharging the a/c system by pressure, which is the method used when the system is recharged using small refrigerant can and a gauge is inaccurate, and virtually impossible to charge the system according to manufacturer specifications. Depending on the a/c system design, the pressures will be impacted by the type of compressor, metering device(Expansion Valve or Orifice tube) ,ambient temperature and humidity. Pressure controlled systems could reach pressure cycling points faster ,increasing the compressor clutch cycling and forcing the compressor to operate under higher-than-normal crankcase temperatures if the system is undercharged. Short cycling compressors will decrease the life of the compressor clutch assembly, due to more often engagement and disengagement of the clutch assembly and the compressor pulley. When the system is overcharged the evaporator will not be able to evaporate the refrigerant metered by the metering device and liquid refrigerant could reach the a/c compressor. An overcharge  system will force the a/c component working pressures to the limits and could develop leaks and cause compressor damage.

Car A/C system Recharge near me

Improperly recharged car a/c systems will increase or decrease compression ratios, negatively impacting the overall health of the a/c system. Just because the air conditioner is blowing cold air, it doesn’t mean is working according to manufacturer specifications. Modern car a/c systems design have the capability to adjust their operation even when the freon recharge is not 100% accurate. The a/c system will change compressor displacement, thermal expansion valve operation ,condenser fan speed and will force the system to get to the desired temperature set by the driver. Car a/c systems working under inaccurate freon charge will have compression ratios that will stress the compressor and shorten their life. The manufacturer calculated values of superheat and subcooling happening in the evaporator coil and condenser coil will change, making it harder for the metering device to respond to the flow of refrigerant and for the compressor to receive refrigerant oil back from the evaporator needed for internal piston lubrication. Flash gas rates will be higher at the expansion valve making the valve less efficient.

Ac freon recharge near me

You will need an AC freon recharge if the system is low or after any repair that involves opening the closed loop sealed air conditioning system is performed in your vehicle. A low freon charge could be the result of a leak in any component of the car ac system. Properly fixing a low freon condition involves more than just recharging the a/c system. If there is a leak in the system it must be fixed, otherwise the freon charge could only last couple hours or days before it is low again. Refrigerant leak and refrigerant oil leak happen together ,just at different rates. Recharging the freon in the car ac system without balancing and recharging the oil will lead to compressor failure.

Do you need a Freon recharge in your vehicle ?

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Freon Recharge Service Near Me

Freon Recharge Service Near me

Freon Recharge Service Near me

  1. Connect recovery/recycling/recharging equipment to the A/C service valves.
  2. Evacuate auto air conditioning system for 25 minutes or more.
  3. Pull a Deep Vacuum on the A/C system.
  4. Charge the specified amount of refrigerant to vehicle A/C system.
  5. Check that A/C system operates normally.
  6. Install A/C service Valve caps.
  7. Refrigerant charge service is complete.


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