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EPA Regulations

Proper ac service on site in miami-dade county by auto ac repair llc

ac not cooling.How to properly recharge your ac system.

Any person that services Motor vehicle air conditioning must be section 609 and section 608 certified. Section 609 of the federal clean air act, is regulated by the United States Environmental Agency (EPA).Failure to comply could cost you as much as $37,500 per day, per violation, and there is a bounty of up to $10,000 to turn you in. The total penalty cannot exceed $295,000 unless EPA and the Department of Justice determine a greater penalty is appropriate.
After system evacuation and dehydration the system can be charged with new or recycled refrigerant. The system must be critically charged. (exact pounds and ounces). At Auto AC Repair LLC. we have many customer complaining that their ac is not cooling after they’ve tried to top off the system with the famous ac refrigerant cans.An incorrect system charge reduces efficiency and comfort and could cause severe damage to your ac system.
The only accurate method to charge a system is to weigh the refrigerant into the system.
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