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Condenser fan assembly

Can my car radiator affect my auto air conditioning?

The purpose of the fan is to maintain adequate airflow through the radiator and condenser core, especially at low vehicle speeds and when the engine is idling, sitting still.

Condensing, subcooling process and Radiator fan assembly operation

Three important things may happen to the refrigerant in The Condenser, and we need the radiator fan assembly working at maximum efficiency for The Subcooling process to happen properly:

  1. The hot gas from the compressor is de-superheated from the hot discharge temperature to the condensing temperature. The hot gas from the compressor may be 200 °F or hotter on a hot day on an air-cooled system. De-superheating is accomplished in the beginning of the coil.
  2. The refrigerant is condensed from a vapor to a liquid. This is latent heat transfer. This is done in the middle of the coil, the only place that the coil temperature will correspond to the head pressure.
  3. The liquid refrigerant temperature may then be lowered below the condensing temperature, or SUBCOOLED. The refrigerant can usually be subcooled to between 10 °F and 20°F below the condensing temperature.
  4. Condensers have a relationship to the temperature of the air passing over them. For instance, the refrigerant inside the coil will normally condense at a 30°F higher temperature than the air passing over it.


What happens if your radiator fan stops working?

The condensing and subcooling process that happens in the condenser will stop or won’t happen as efficiently and the car a/c system performance will greatly decrease. The main effects are excessive high pressure in the air conditioning system. Automotive ac compressor lubrication is negatively impacted due to the high oil temperature that results from a lack of radiator fan assembly operation. Too high oil temperature will change the oil properties and will affect the hvac compressor internal lubrication and the a/c compressor pumping capacity.


Radiator fan assembly inspection

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auto ac condenser

A/C condenser clogged out.

Since the condenser is a heat exchanger that causes the refrigerant to condense back to liquid, it will not be very effective when the fins get restricted with road debris. This causes system efficiency (cooling) to drop off.

What will a dirty condenser do?

Should the high-side pressure become high enough, a relief valve will vent refrigerant to control the pressure or a high-pressure cutout switch will cut power to the compressor preventing the high-side pressure from getting too high.

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Is my auto ac condenser operating properly

How do I know if my auto ac condenser is operating properly ?

To know if the auto ac condenser is operating properly we need a set of air conditioning gauges and accurate thermometer to measure outside ambient temperature ,condensing saturation temperature and subcooling temperature. The readings will be compared to a pressure/temperature chart for the corresponding refrigerant used in the vehicle. The readings must be in the range specified by the manufacturer and the pressure/temperature saturation chart.

The conditions for condensing are determined by the efficiency of the condenser and the heat load put on the condenser. A standard condenser ,has a condensing temperature about 30-35 F higher than the surrounding air used to absorb heat  from the condenser. Some condensers are more efficient than others and the relation between the outside air and the condensing temperature will be lower .Condensing temperatures and pressures are also dependent on the heat load given to the condenser to reject. The higher the heat load, the higher will be the condensing temperature and the corresponding pressure. The performance of the ac condenser will change according to the outside ambient temperature.

For example, if the outside ambient temperature rises to 105 F degrees , the condenser saturation temperature would rise to about 135 F

Symptoms of a bad or failing ac condenser

  • Higher relationship between condensing temperature and outside ambient temperature.
  • Higher A/C system head pressure
  • Lower A/C compressor capacity.
  • Condenser fan assembly operating on high continuously


How to properly install an ac condenser


When installing a replacement condenser,  measure the amount of oil found in the component that was removed, and then add that same amount of oil, back into the condenser prior to recharging. If oil has leaked out of the system, use the manufacturer’s recommended amounts.

  • Torque all fasteners to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Replace o-rings
  • Evacuate and recharge the system
  • Check for leaks
  • Check A/C system performance.

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