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Can i drive my car with a bad ac compressor

Can I drive my car with a bad A/C compressor?

Can I drive my car with a bad A/C compressor?

Driving the car with a locked up a/c compressor may damage the accessory drive belt. A bad compressor could affect the engine in your car. If your compressor’s pulley bearing goes bad, your engine can stall due to the stuck compressor or the serpentine belt may break affecting all the accessories moved by the serpentine belt.

Types of A/C compressors and compressor lock up.

Clutch-less variable displacement compressors have extra protection in case the compressor seizes. In the event a compressor failure occurs the bridges on the clutch assembly will break and only the pulley will keep running, allowing the engine to keep running.

Do you need to get your car’s a/c compressor checked up ?

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