Automotive air conditioning system

Symptoms of a bad ac compressor Cut-off switch.

Symptoms of a failing ac compressor Cut-off switch.

The high-pressure ac cut-off switch is one of several control devices found in the air conditioning system.

Function of the ac compressor Cut-off switch.

This switch will shut the compressor off if the high-side pressure exceeds some abnormal pressure, to prevent damage to the ac compressor, hose or line in the ac system and probably venting refrigerant into the atmosphere.

Location of the ac cut-off switch.

The cut-off switch it’s located in the high side of the ac system constantly monitoring the pressure within this side of the ac system.

How to identify a damaged ac cut-off switch.

If failure of the cut-off switch happens the only safe way out the pressurized refrigerant will have would be through the pressure-relief valve, usually installed on the bottom of the ac compressor. It would prevent an ac component from exploding but will release refrigerant into the atmosphere and additional contamination to the environment. A damaged cut-off switch could prevent an entire ac system from working.

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