Symptoms of a bad a/c compressor Cut-off switch.

Damaged a/c compressor.Cut-off switch

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Air conditioning system safety device.

The high-pressure auto a/c cut-off switch is one of several control devices found in the automotive air conditioning system.

Function of the ac compressor Cut-off switch in a vehicle.

This switch will shut the compressor off if the high-side pressure exceeds some abnormal pressure, to prevent damage to the ac compressor, hose or line in the ac system and probably venting refrigerant into the atmosphere.
Location of the ac cut-off switch.
The cut-off switch it’s located in the high side of the ac system constantly monitoring the pressure within this side of the ac system. In many cases is installed directly on the back of the ac compressor.

How to identify a damaged ac high pressure cut-off switch.

If failure of the cut-off switch happens the only safe way out the pressurized refrigerant will have would be through the pressure-relief valve, usually installed on the bottom of the ac compressor. It would prevent an ac component from exploding but will release refrigerant into the atmosphere and additional contamination to the environment. A damaged cut-off switch could prevent an entire ac system from working.

Replacement & installation of the automotive cut-off compressor switch.


  1. Recover refrigerant from a/c system.
  2. Disconnect the high pressure cut-off switch connector and remove the pressure switch.
  3. Remove cut-off switch from high side of the ac system


  1. Installation is in the reverse order of removal.
  2. Evacuate air & moisture from the vehicle a/c system.
    3. Charge system with exact amount of refrigerant as per manufacturer and inspect for leakage of refrigerant.
Cost of the a/c cut-off switch replacement service.

The cost will depend on the type of car; make model and year you drive. Prices may vary according to the specific location of the cut-off switch. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they’ll come to your home or office with the best prices in town. We’ll perform any auto air conditioning repair right at your place.