How can I protect my car AC compressor

How can I protect my car AC compressor?

How can I protect my car AC compressor?

  • keeping your car ac system properly refrigerant charged and with the right type of oil and ┬ábalanced.
  • Maintaining the A/C condenser free from debris
  • Replacing an A/C condenser with missing or bent fins.
  • Keeping the Cooling system performing at 100 % efficiency
  • Checking the Cooling system fan clutch or electric fans operating at 100 % efficiency
  • A/C refrigerant system free from air or other contaminations.

Protect Auto A/C compressor against lack of lubrication.

With a large refrigerant undercharge, oil is pumped out from the compressor and becomes trapped in the evaporator or other ac components of the system and is unable to properly return to the hvac compressor. The amount of oil in the compressor can get down to dangerously low levels creating excessive heat and, in most cases, leading to failure of the unit. Some Air conditioning tests has shown that with an undercharged ac system, the oil amount in the compressor was reduced by over 57%.

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