A/C system check up in Miami-Dade County

How to properly install an orifice tube.

How to replace the orifice tube in your car.

How to install an ac orifice tube.

  1. J 26549-orifice tube remover tool required.
  2. Use a refrigerant recovery machine (For the specific refrigerant in the a/c system) to safely recovery/recycle the refrigerant.
  3. Loosen the nut from the evaporator tube fitting.
  4. Use the J 26549-E tool in order to remove the orifice tube(1), from the evaporator tube.
  5. Cap or plug the all the open lines.


  1. Uncap or unplug the evaporator tube.
  2. Install the new O-ring seal.
  3. Lubricate new O-rings.
  4. Install the short screen end of the new orifice tube(1) into the evaporator tube.
  5. Connect the evaporator tube at the fitting.
  6. Evacuate and recharge the system.
  7. Leak test the fittings of the component.