A/C compressor locked up.European cars

How to install an ac evaporator.

How to replace an a/c evaporator.


  1. Use a refrigerant recovery machine (For the specific refrigerant in the a/c system) to safely recovery/recycle the refrigerant.
  2. Remove lines from the thermal expansion valve.
  3. Remove hoses from heater core.
  4. Remove hvac case.
  5. Open hvac case.
  6. Remove evaporator core.
  7. Cap or wrap the joint of the A/C piping and compressor to avoid the entry of air and moisture into the system.
  8. Replace O-rings with new ones.
  9. Lubricate new O-rings.
  10. Oil balance the new condenser.


  1. Installation is basically the reverse order of removal.
  2. Vacuum the system.
  3. Recharge refrigerant to manufacturer specifications.
  4. Check the entire system for refrigerant leakages.

We can remove and install the ac evaporator in your vehicle.

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