How to fix an a/c evaporator leak in your car.

What is an automotive ac evaporator?

The AC evaporator is a heat exchanger that resembles the condenser, but is much smaller. They are generally of the tube and fin design.

What an auto ac evaporator does?

Inside the evaporator, the pressure of the refrigerant is allowed to
Decrease from the high pressure of the liquid refrigerant to a very low
Pressure. This pressure change inside the evaporator causes the
refrigerant to boil, or evaporate. The latent heat of absorption from
this state change makes the evaporator cold and allows it to pick up
excess heat from the outside air or re-circulated air before it reaches
The passenger compartment.

What are the main causes of an evaporator core failure?

-Refrigerant Leakage
-Corrosion.This often happens because leaves or other organic material enter the evaporator case through the exterior air intake vents and come in contact with the evaporator?s surface,this moisture surface and decomposition of organic materials,can form corrosive substances which could eventually damage the evaporator core.
-The evaporator fins are also susceptible to clogging from leaves or hair from pets and other outside road debris.
-The only true permanent fix for a leaking evaporator core is the replacement of the component.

Replacement & installation

Necessary preliminary tasks:
-?Properly evacuate the a/c system making sure there are no positive pressure readings on gauges before doing any repair to the ac system.
-The procedure for removal and replacement of the evaporator core is different for every car make, model and year. In most cases the removal of the entire dashboard is needed to get access to the hvac evaporator case.

Cost of a car a/c evaporator core replacement service.

The cost will depend on the type of car; make model and year you drive. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they?ll come to your home or office with the best prices in town because we don?t have the high overhead expenses conventional repair shops have.

Where can I properly service my car or truck ac system?

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