A/C compressor changed on a chromed car engine.

Compressor Main Seals Replacement

Sonata 2003 2.7 l


AC compressor repair in Miami-Dade county

In some cases you don’t need to get the whole ac compressor replaced  or repaired and spend a lot of money in the process here in Miami-Dade county!!
The HVAC compressor is designed to last for the entire life of your vehicle and sometimes leaking compressors shafts seals could be fixed by only replacing the seals.
Avoiding inactivity of the A/C system for long periods of time is the best way for keeping the main  seals lubricated and to prevent the compressor shaft seals to dry up again.Save money and time get your ,give us a call at:786-483-9406. Auto A/C Repair LLC. for a free check up and estimate.