AC receiver/dryer

What is an ac receiver/ drier?

After the liquid refrigerant leaves the condenser(One of the heat exchangers in your car, similar to the radiator), it’s often passed, along by means of tubing or hoses to the receiver/dryer. The receiver /dryer is part of the ac system in your car and resemble a metallic can or a tank with some hose or lines connected to it. The receiver drier may contain a sight glass at the top of the assembly. This sight glass allows you to view the condition of the system. From this window you can see the performance of your vehicle’s ac system.

What an ac receiver/drier does?

The receiver dryer has two main functions: first to store excess liquid refrigerant leaving the condenser acting like a buffer and reservoir and second remove moisture from the refrigerant to prevent ice from possibly forming a blockage in the system.

What are the main causes of a receiver/drier failure?

The dryer houses a filter, a pick up tube and desiccants. A desiccant bag may break and create restrictions on the ac system. The dryer filters the refrigerant constantly from contamination and if excessive contamination enters the system could create an internal restriction.

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