Car Air conditioning system refrigerant leaks.

Auto AC Refrigerant Leaks repair.

There are two types of refrigerant leaks in the automotive air conditioning system: Active leaks and Passive leaks.
The active refrigerant leak is a continuous leak. It doesn’t matter if the engine or ac system in your car is off or on hot or cold the refrigerant continuously leaks out. It is really hard to determine how fast the whole refrigerant charge will be lost. An electronic leak detector tool is the fastest and mot effective way to find active leaks. Electronic leak detectors must meet SAE standards for each type of refrigerant.R134a refrigerant leak detector must meet SAE J2791 standard for example.

AC leaking components.

Some common areas and causes for active leaks are: corrosion or porosity on ac lines or hoses. Evaporator core corrosion or condenser, o-rings incorrect size or missing after service of ac components. Damaged service port valve cores after evacuating and recharging the ac system. Improperly torqued component can cause active leaks too.

AC leak detection approved procedures.

The passive refrigerant leak is a type of leak the intermittently occurs. They are really hard to find, because technicians should recreate the same conditions of pressure, temperature or vibration for the leak to happen. Since this type of leak is intermittent, the use of electronic leak detector may not be effective, therefore the use of refrigerant ultraviolet leak detection dye must be used together, with an ultraviolet light tool(UV Black light tools).Some vehicles come with the dye already installed from factory .Leak-detecting dyes must meet SAE J2297 Standards.
If your ac is not cooling as usual it may be leaking refrigerant. Auto A/C Repair LLC offers free estimates over the phone or on site. Call today at (786) 483-9406

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