Condenser Replacement Receiver-drier & Accumulator

Condenser Replacement at work in Miami-Dade county.


When the air conditioning system in your car is open for being serviced like in case of a damaged condenser or condenser fan assembly, replacement of the accumulator or receiver-drier is always recommended.

What is the function of the Receiver-drier & Accumulator ?

These components contain powerful desiccant packages to isolate harmful moisture absorbed from the ambient air, protecting the internal components of your auto ac , from corrosion, which can wear systems prematurely from the inside out.
Another purpose of the receiver-driers & accumulators is that they basically act like a storage tank. An A/C system doesn’t require the same amount of refrigerant for each instant that it is operating. These components control the flow of liquid and vapor refrigerant through the system, assuring maximum output, smooth, surge-free operation and protection for the compressor from any liquid refrigerant not evaporated.

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