Car a/c condenser

Car A/C condensers repair near me

Car A/C condensers repair near me

What is a car ac condenser?

The car A/C condenser is one of automobile heat exchangers and operates much like the radiator. The condensing is where the ac refrigerant coming from the a/c compressor as high temperature high pressure is condensed by lowering the temperature and pressure and subcooled. After the refrigerant is de-superheated, condensed from vapor to liquid and this liquid refrigerant is subcooled it is ready to go through the expansion device. The more efficient is the condensation and subcooled process in the condenser the colder will be the air coming out from the vents.  Condenser designs have changed over the years, but there have been 3 main types. They are:

  • Tube and fin condenser
  • Serpentine tube condenser
  • Parallel flow condenser

What a Car a/c condenser does?

Condensers cool the high-pressure, high temperature refrigerant gas coming out from the high pressure side of the ac compressor.

Clean free of damage auto ac condensers will extend the life of the ac compressor in your vehicle. Dirty or restricted a/c condenser will increase the overall temperature and pressure of the air conditioning system shortening the life of the ac components in the vehicle. 

What are the main causes of a Car A/C condenser failure?

  • Clogged up condenser
  • Damage created by road debris
  • Leaks
  • Fins damage due to improper maintenance.

Keep the ac condenser free of road debris and restrictions to increase the auto ac performance in the vehicle.

Car A/C condensers repair near me?

Give us a call at 786-483-9406
Auto A/C Repair LLC. offers a world-class comprehensive and very convenient ac repair mobile service. We have car ac mechanics near you. We come to your home or office and you can go on with your normal day. All we need is a driveway or parking space where our technicians can work. Our mechanics are EPA certified and qualified to work safely and according to all EPA requirements to work with refrigerants.


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