Defrost Mode

AC not working during winter time.

On many vehicles, by selecting the defrost position on the controls, it will also activate the A/C compressor. Cooling the air with A/C first will remove more moisture from the air so it can do a better job clearing the windows and windshield. If the A/C system in your car is not functioning correctly this ability will be lost.

Impact of low refrigerant charge on your auto ac compressor.

If your A/C system is not working 100%,due to low refrigerant charge over the winter months, you are not getting the refrigerant oil back to the ac compressor.  The ac compressor will be running dry or low on oil all winter season and as a result that will lead to costly repairs in the spring or summer time. If you run into any issues regarding this system have a professional  car ac mechanic from Auto A/C Repair LLC. help you diagnose and fix it.
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