Automotive Climate control Settings

Car & trucks climate control set settings

During the winter(if we could call it winter) time in Florida we, from Auto AC repair LLC have many calls of customers in Miami-Dade county asking for estimates and check up of their ac system in cars & trucks, the description of the issue is more or less this one:
“It was a cold morning i changed the settings in my climate control to defrost and then to heating .In the afternoon it was already hot and when turned the ac on it was blowing hot or ambient temperature air”


Many times, the ac is working the way it is supposed to and the problem is only incorrect settings on your car or truck climate control, not fully understanding your HVAC climate control could lead you to waste time and if in the wrong inexperienced hands money as well.

Press full Automatic auto button

Set the desired temperature. The system automatically selects the proper mix of conditioned and/or heated air that will, as quickly as possible, raise or lowers the interior temperature from its current level to the set temperature.
Air flow, air distribution, and temperature are controlled automatically.
This is the most common function used by drivers.

Semi automatic

Semi-automatic Operation You can manually select various functions of the Climate Control.

Re-circulation air mode recirculation mode button

This button controls the source of the air going into the system. When ON, air from the car’s interior is sent through the system again (Re-circulation mode). When OFF, air is brought in from outside the car (Fresh Air mode).

Fan Control blower speed button

You can manually select the fan speed by turning the fan control dial or button. You can increase or decrease the volume of air coming out of the vents using this setting.

Mode Button manual air distribution button

Use the MODE button to select the vents the air flows from.
In some controls this function could turn the compressor off and blow only ambient air. It could seem that the ac is not working properly.


Modern cars frequently have dual, third and quad zone climate control that separates the car into left and right, back and front, allowing you to sync them to the same temperature or let them be adjusted separately.

Defroster defrost button

Ice and condensation are quickly removed from the windshield and the front side windows. It is normal during defroster operation see your compressor kicking on and off.

Rear defroster rear window defroster button

The rear window defroster switches off automatically after a certain period of time.

Maximum cooling Max air button

The system is set to the lowest temperature, maximum air volume and re-circulated air mode.

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