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What is a thermal limiter fuse and superheat switch ? It’s a protection device for automobile air conditioning system; it consists of a three-pronged fuse, called a Thermal Limiter and a Superheat switch mounted into the back of the compressor. The thermal limiter is typically mounted on the ac compressor’s mounting bracket or nearby. Inside the case of the thermal limiter are a resistor and a thermal fuse.

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What a thermal limiter and superheat switch do?
The superheat switch and thermal limiter fuse are present in many ac systems to protect the compressor against loss of refrigerant and oil. The returning refrigerant from the evaporator is said to be superheated by the absorption of heat. The superheat switch monitors the temperature of this vapor and sends a ground signal to the thermal limiter if the temperature of the vapors gets too high. If the superheat switch closes its contacts, the resistor heater is placed into a 12v DC circuit. The resistor heater then quickly melts the thermal fuse which opens the compressor’s clutch circuit and prevents the compressor from being damaged.

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What are the main causes of a thermal limiter fuse and superheat switch failure?
Low refrigerant charge due to a leak in the ac system is the main cause of failure of these protection devices.

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