A/C cooling performance test


European cars

2010 BMW 328xi Coupe AWD (E92) L6-3.0L (N51)

A/C performance test



Observe the following conditions prior to A/C performance test:


  1. Connect diagnostics system. Check of the fault memory (no faults in the fault memory)
  2. Attach a thermometer with separate display element to the head restraint. Lay display element outwards out of passenger compartment.
  3. Perform the test in a suitable workshop area with an ambient temperature above 18 ° C  / 64.4 °F
  4. Vehicle temperature should be approximately the same as the ambient temperature in the workshop.
  5. Engine must be operating temperature (does not apply for electric vehicles).
  6. ECO PRO mode must not be switched on.




Heat passenger compartment:


  1. A/C button is not activated during the heating process
  2. Close all side windows and doors
  3. Set recalculated-air mode.
  4. Select air distribution mode for footwall and defrosting
  5. On vehicles with CID: In A/C menu (CID) in air distribution index: select 100% footwell for driver and front passenger and 100% defrosting for driver ( this applies here to driver front passenger)
  6. Maximum temperature setting
  7. Maximum blower speed
  8. Start engine (does not apply to electric vehicles)



Cool down passenger compartment:


Switch on air conditioning compressor with A/C button at a vehicle interior of 45 ° C /113 ° F (measure at the head restraint)


On vehicles with MAX-AC button:

  • Activation of  MAX- AC (= maximum cooling power)



On vehicles without MAX-AC button:


  • Set Maximum cooling power by means of following steps:
    • Setting low temperature value
    • Blower setting maximum
    • Stratification maximum cold(4 blue bars)
    • Only ventilation open
    • Close remaining flaps (air outlet only from center fresh air grille, left and right)


After 5 min, measure both ventilation temperatures with a thermometer at the same time (center, left and right fresh air grille). The measured temperature must be < 16 ° C / 60.8 ° F and the difference between right and left may not be greater than 2 °C / °F.


If one or both temperature specifications is not reached Click Here

BMW vehicle A/C cooling performance test.
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