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The problem could be a slipping belt or a defective compressor shaft bearing.

Defective compressor shaft bearings make noise when the compressor is operating. Squealing sounds usually indicate the belt(s) are slipping, although sometimes belt noise sounds a lot like bearing noise.

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r1234yf refrigerant tank

What is the refrigerant used in AC?

R-134a and R-1234yf are the refrigerant found in the automotive indurstry.R-12 was used in older cars built before December 1995 but is no longer used.

R-134 and R-1234yf are chosen for its low  Ozone depletion potential ODP ,its low flammability and toxicity. These refrigerants do not contain chlorine and have no Ozone depletion potential. Automotive refrigerants have a very low Global Warming Potential GWP and have a minimum impact in the environment when used properly.

What is the best AC refrigerant?

The best A/C refrigerant are those that get the job of cooling the interior of your vehicle down in the most efficient way with the minimum contamination impact on the environment. To be a good ac refrigerant candidate in the automotive industry must have some additional safety characteristics like low flammability and low toxicity.

How often does AC refrigerant need to be replaced?

The A/C refrigerant needs to be replaced as soon as the system must be opened to do service to the air conditioning system or when a leak is developed in any component of the auto ac system.

The a/c refrigerant in the auto ac system is in a virtually endless closed loop and does not have to be refill or replaced. The auto a/c system major components are designed in a way that the ac refrigerant cycles repeats endlessly with refrigerant changing state from gas to liquid and in the change of state process cooling down the interior of your vehicle.

Who can refill the ac refrigerant in my car ?

Only (EPA) certified technician can refill the ac refrigerant in you car.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act. Failure to comply could cost you and your company as much as  $27,500. Per day per violation and there is a bounty of up to $10 000 to lure you competitors , customers, and fellow workers to turn you in.

Specific recovery techniques and tools are required to properly and environmentally friendly refill the ac in a vehicle.

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thermal expansion valve

Auto A/C Expansion Device Repair.

The Auto A/C Expansion Device in your vehicle may need to be repaired if it is not controlling the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator core correctly. All A/C systems meter the refrigerant into the evaporator core for the purposes of controlling the evaporator temperature.

Types of metering devices.

Depending on the system, it could be a variable or fixed style metering device. It could be a Thermal Expansion valve or Fixed Orifice Tube.

Types of Metering Device and control type.

The variable style metering device: (Thermal Expansion valve, TXV ) controls the flow of refrigerant by sensing the temperature of the evaporator and adjusting the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator by varying the size of the metering device opening.

The fixed system: (Fixed Orifice Tube ,FOT) uses a fixed metering device and controls the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator core by controlling the operation of the compressor itself.

When should I replace the expansion valve or fixed orifice tube in my vehicle?

Orifices tube should be replaced  any time the A/C system is serviced and particularly if the A/C system is found to be contaminated.

Thermal expansion valves are typically replaced if they fail to operate correctly.

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