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Evacuation and Auto AC system air contamination

Evacuation and Auto A/C system air contamination.

Every time the auto A/C system is opened for a component replacement or any other type of service the system must be properly evacuated to avoid air contamination. Pulling a deep vacuum will ensure that all the ambient air that went inside the system while it was opened will be evaporated out of the system.

The negative impact of air contamination on the ac system will be noticed right away. Some of the signs of air contamination are noisy compressor operation and decreased overall auto ac performance. The air can’t be condensed inside the air conditioning condenser and only occupies the space of the refrigerant making the condenser less efficient and not allowing the process of de-superheat, condensation and subcooling that happens in the a/c condenser.

Auto A/C system Air contamination field test:

With 0% air contamination

High Side :165 PSI

Low Side: 32 PSI

Condenser temperature differential:38 Degrees


With 7.7 % Air Contamination

High Side : 200 PSI

Low Side: 31 PSI

Condenser temperature differential : 65 degrees


With 18.9% Air contamination

High Side:400 PSI

Low Side 45 PSI

Condenser temperature differential 102 Degrees


What damages could cause the air contamination in the car ac system.

Auto A/C system air contamination rises the overall pressure in the system. Higher than normal pressures will force the ac compressor. Higher pressures cause higher temperature that could change the oil viscosity and properties. A/C system air contamination will keep the condenser fan assembly operating at maximum capacity because of the inefficiencies of the condenser to change the refrigerant from vapor to liquid.


How to check for auto ac system air contamination ?

A refrigerant identifier can be used to quickly check for air contamination and refrigerant cross contamination.


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r1234yf refrigerant recharge tank

Auto A/C services near me.

Before any auto ac repair you’ll need to know the exact amount of refrigerant charge for your specific vehicle, year, make and model.

Refrigerant Capacities and specifications in your auto.

Specifications for 2004 Ford F 150 4.6L

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auto ac evacuation and recharge. Chevy auto

My car AC compressor has blown 15 minutes after a regas/recharge. What could be the cause?

Vehicle ac evacuation and recharge near me

Before replacing any components that carry refrigerant through the system, the existing refrigerant must be removed. On a typical 80° F Day, a fully charged system will have over 80 psi of pressure. Opening a fitting or union will allow the refrigerant to escape into the atmosphere. Such a procedure I not only extremely unsafe; it is illegal and environmentally harmful.


How much does it cost to evacuate and recharge AC?

The cost of evacuation and air conditioning system recharge will depend on the type of refrigerant your system has installed, and the amount required to get it fully charged according to manufacturer specifications.

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Do you have to evacuate AC system before recharging?

After repairs have been performed on the A/C system, or any time a system has been opened, it must be evacuated. Air and moisture will enter an open system. Moisture from humidity in the air can form destructive chemicals inside the system when mixed with refrigerant and oil, and can cause a breakdown of the newer synthetic oils used in R 134A systems.

Also water in the system can ice up in the expansion valve and block the refrigerant flow. These chemicals can corrode metals and attack rubber parts.

During evacuation, as the pressure inside the system lowers, so does the boiling point of the water in the system. Water can vaporize and be withdrawn by the vacuum pump.


How do you evacuate an AC system on a car?

You can use either a charging station or stand-alone vacuum pump. According to EPA ,when evacuating a vapor compression system, the vacuum pump should be capable of pulling 500 microns (29.92 hg.) of vacuum. After properly connecting the service hoses and removing any refrigerant , start the vacuum pump and open both sides of the system, exposing it to vacuum. Once the vacuum level reaches specification, continue pulling the vacuum between 5-60 mins depending on the type of system repair and the time the ac system has been opened. Close all valves and turn the vacuum pump off. Wait for 1-15 minutes and note any loss of vacuum using your ac manifold gauges. If vacuum is lost, it means system leakage is present.

If the vacuum pump is turned off too soon, some of the moisture in the system will be left behind. Before turning off the pump, close off the A/C system to the atmosphere to prevent air from being drawn back in.

Where can I find a professional auto air conditioning service?

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A/C system in Heavy Duty trucks
2020 Chevrolet Silverado Custom Trail Boss

Freon recharge.

To charge a system with the engine running, the refrigerant should be added to the low side of the system.

Safety precaution.

Never open the high-side hand valve with the system operating and a refrigerant can connected to the center hose. The refrigerant will flow out of the system under high pressure in to the can. High-side pressure is between 150 and 300 psi and will cause the refrigerant tank to burst.

Recovery, recycling, reclaims.

The only occasion for opening both hand valves at the same time would be when evacuating the system or when recovering the refrigerant with the system off.

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Automotive air conditioning system.A/C lines.

Moisture in an A/C system.


If moisture enters the A/C system, it mixes with the refrigerant to form harmful acids. These acids damage the ac components from inside out.


How to prevent acids from forming.


The method of removing any moisture from the A/C system is to pull a deep vacuum on the system. Pulling a deep vacuum on the system, will cause any moisture to vaporize and be pulled out of the system.

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r1234yf refrigerant tank

What is the refrigerant used in AC?

R-134a and R-1234yf are the refrigerant found in the automotive indurstry.R-12 was used in older cars built before December 1995 but is no longer used.

R-134 and R-1234yf are chosen for its low  Ozone depletion potential ODP ,its low flammability and toxicity. These refrigerants do not contain chlorine and have no Ozone depletion potential. Automotive refrigerants have a very low Global Warming Potential GWP and have a minimum impact in the environment when used properly.

What is the best AC refrigerant?

The best A/C refrigerant are those that get the job of cooling the interior of your vehicle down in the most efficient way with the minimum contamination impact on the environment. To be a good ac refrigerant candidate in the automotive industry must have some additional safety characteristics like low flammability and low toxicity.

How often does AC refrigerant need to be replaced?

The A/C refrigerant needs to be replaced as soon as the system must be opened to do service to the air conditioning system or when a leak is developed in any component of the auto ac system.

The a/c refrigerant in the auto ac system is in a virtually endless closed loop and does not have to be refill or replaced. The auto a/c system major components are designed in a way that the ac refrigerant cycles repeats endlessly with refrigerant changing state from gas to liquid and in the change of state process cooling down the interior of your vehicle.

Who can refill the ac refrigerant in my car ?

Only (EPA) certified technician can refill the ac refrigerant in you car.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act. Failure to comply could cost you and your company as much as  $27,500. Per day per violation and there is a bounty of up to $10 000 to lure you competitors , customers, and fellow workers to turn you in.

Specific recovery techniques and tools are required to properly and environmentally friendly refill the ac in a vehicle.

Do you have to refill refrigerant in AC?

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