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Condenser fan assembly

Can my car radiator affect my auto air conditioning?

The purpose of the fan is to maintain adequate airflow through the radiator and condenser core, especially at low vehicle speeds and when the engine is idling, sitting still.

Condensing, subcooling process and Radiator fan assembly operation

Three important things may happen to the refrigerant in The Condenser, and we need the radiator fan assembly working at maximum efficiency for The Subcooling process to happen properly:

  1. The hot gas from the compressor is de-superheated from the hot discharge temperature to the condensing temperature. The hot gas from the compressor may be 200 °F or hotter on a hot day on an air-cooled system. De-superheating is accomplished in the beginning of the coil.
  2. The refrigerant is condensed from a vapor to a liquid. This is latent heat transfer. This is done in the middle of the coil, the only place that the coil temperature will correspond to the head pressure.
  3. The liquid refrigerant temperature may then be lowered below the condensing temperature, or SUBCOOLED. The refrigerant can usually be subcooled to between 10 °F and 20°F below the condensing temperature.
  4. Condensers have a relationship to the temperature of the air passing over them. For instance, the refrigerant inside the coil will normally condense at a 30°F higher temperature than the air passing over it.


What happens if your radiator fan stops working?

The condensing and subcooling process that happens in the condenser will stop or won’t happen as efficiently and the car a/c system performance will greatly decrease. The main effects are excessive high pressure in the air conditioning system. Automotive ac compressor lubrication is negatively impacted due to the high oil temperature that results from a lack of radiator fan assembly operation. Too high oil temperature will change the oil properties and will affect the hvac compressor internal lubrication and the a/c compressor pumping capacity.


Radiator fan assembly inspection

If your auto ac system is not cooling at 100% capacity it might be related to the radiator fan assembly operation. Call Us today ! We have auto ac repair mechanics near you.

a/c air flow controls

The Hvac Blower motor resistor.

The function of a blower motor resistor.

The function of a blower resistor is to slow down the blower various speeds by way of a voltage drop.

In the high position, the resistor is bypassed by a relay on many systems and full voltage is supplied to the motor. There are multiple resistance taps on the resistor block that make up each speed. 

Resistance, voltage drop and blower speed.

The more resistance, the greater the voltage drop and the lower the blower speed . 

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2005 Toyota 4 Runner,in cabin air filter access.Glove compartment removal.

Cabin air filters remove dust and pollen from the outside air entering the AC system. Re-circulated air should already be cleaned by the cabin air filter as it entered the car. All sources and heated air only are ruled out by the filter being in the outside source, which supplies air for ventilation, heating, and AC operation.

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Weak air flow from ac vents in car

Weak air flow from a/c vents in car

Weak air flow from a/c vents in a car could be caused by:

  • Underperforming A/C Blower motor
  • Restricted in cabin air filter
  • Restricted a/c evaporator core
  • Auto a/c system low on refrigerant charge(Freon)
  • Faulty Expansion device
  • Incorrect refrigerant charge after service
  • A/C system contaminated with moisture.
  • Auto A/C compressor operating constantly
  • ECU cycling control bypassed
  • A/C cycling control switches bypassed
  • Evaporator temperature sensor malfunction
  • In cabin temperature sensor malfunction.
  • A/C ducts restricted with debris
  • A/C ducts flaps partially closed

How much air should be coming out of vents ?

The amount of air that should come out from the vents will depend on the settings the driver has selected. In Automatic Temperature Control systems (ATC) the driver can choose a given temperature  and have this temperature setting maintained by the a/c and heater control system.

This Fully automatic systems usually control most of the specific functions of mode operation, temperature control, blower speeds and heater temperature control. The system will automatically maintain the desired temperature and quantity of air for each mode  and will route the airflow according to the need.

Why is my vent blowing weak air out.

One of these could be the reason why the vent is not blowing out enough air:

  • Fuses, fusible links, and wiring
  • Refrigerant charge and compressor operation
  • Coolant level
  • Heater core
  • Evaporator core
  • Blower motor control module
  • ECU
  • ECM
  • BCM
  • PCM
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Sun Load Sensor
  • Coolant temperature sensor.

The proper function of the ATC depends upon the electrical inputs of several sensors. The programming that enables the ECM  to provide control of the system naturally tells the engine computer how to interpret these signals. The ambient temperature sensor is located just behind the grille outside the vehicle. Its job is to sense the outside air temperature and to adjust the ATC accordingly. In cold outside temperature the a/c compressor may be blocked to prevent ac compressor damage due to lack of proper internal oil lubrication.

The sun load sensor is mounted on top of the instrument panel. It senses the intensity of sunlight and adjusts the ATC to meet the demand.

Coolant temperature sensor. Its signal may come to the programmer directly, or be communicated to the programmer by the electronic control module (ECM).

How to unclog weak air flow from ac vents in a car

Poor air flow from vents in a vehicle could be related to any of the issues mentioned above. With the right tools and training the vehicle could be operating up to specifications in no time.

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in cabin air filter

 Air conditioning filters

Auto ac in cabin-air filters can capture and remove many airborne particulates such as smoke, dust and pollen, allowing an increase in occupant comfort and safety.

How often do I have to change the ac filter in my car ?

Cabin air filters must be replaced periodically, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer

Types of ac air filters

They come in different varieties such as a standard paper, high Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and carbon media filter or a combination.

How auto air conditioning cabin filters impact the ac performance

A restricted car ac filter will create air flow problems and will impact negatively the ac performance of the vehicle. A restricted car ac filter could lead to premature damage of the blower motor and blower motor resistor in your vehicle.

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