Car heater blower motor quick replacement service & cost.

Car ac blower motor replacement service & cost

What is an automotive blower motor?

The blower motor is a simple squirrel cage type of fan, DC electrical motor. It is located underneath the dash, usually inside the havoc case. Depending on the vehicle, there could be more than one blower motor.

What is the function of the car’s a/c blower motor?

Ram air flowing through the evaporator does not provide enough air flow inside the vehicle for cooling purposes so the blower motor forces air past the evaporator and the heater core and out of the vents.

What are the main causes of a vehicle’s  a/c blower motor failure?

Noise from the blower motor due to a bad bearing or debris in the fan. A restriction in the cabin air filter that causes internal failure of the blower electrical parts and poor grounds are the main causes of failure and replacement of this air conditioning component.

Replacement & installation heater blower motor.

The hvac blower motor is usually located on the glove box compartment area.

  1. Remove the RH lower instrument panel insulator.
    2. Remove the floor duct screw and the floor duct.


  1. Disconnect the blower motor electrical connector.
    4. Remove the blower motor screws.
    5. Remove the blower motor.

-To install,reverse the removal procedure.

 Cost of a/c condenser replacement service.

The cost of  removal & installation of the a/c blower motor will depend on the type of car make, model and year you drive. Labor time may vary significantly in some models where the partially or entire removal of the dashboard is needed.
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