Car AC thermal expansion valve

Car AC thermal expansion valve


Car AC Thermal Expansion Valve?

The Car AC thermal expansion valve is an important part of the air conditioning system. It’s a variable refrigerant flow metering device. The valve uses a spring-loaded ball which has a diaphragm attached to a spring, controlling pressure. The heat sensing tube is attached to the evaporator outlet line and senses the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the evaporator.

What an ac thermal expansion valve does?

The expansion valve controls the amount and flow of refrigerant into the evaporator by monitoring pressure and temperature. If the evaporator temperature in your car rises, the gas in the sensing tube expands and acts on the diaphragm, opening the ball valve, which allows a greater amount of refrigerant. If the evaporator becomes too cold, the gas in the sensing tube will contract and the ball valve will close restricting the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator.

What are the main causes of a thermal expansion valve failure?

The thermal expansion valve could fail in two possible ways they stuck closed or stuck open affecting your auto ac system performance.

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