Car AC stop leak good or bad

Car AC stop leak good or bad?

Car A/C stop leak good or bad.

Vehicle and A/C part manufacturers do not endorse the use of stop leak products. Stop leak is a type of Sealant made to plug small holes by hardening when it contacts the moisture in the air. The problem is that a leaking system has absorbed a lot of moisture and spread into every component of the air conditioning. The sealant reacts with moisture inside a condenser or other component, creating a restriction in the normal flow of refrigerant. They will weaken rubber parts, have no effect at all, or create larger particles that will clog the filters, orifices tubes, screen protections and other parts of the AC System.

Flushing the stop leak (Sealer) out from the ac system.

Once the car a/c stop leak product is installed it is difficult, if not impossible to remove all the sealant from the system. There is a big risk of contaminating and damaging a new ac compressor even after the entire system has been flushed. Some air conditioning components like parallel flow condensers or evaporators are virtually impossible to effectively flush. An small and inexpensive service valve core leak could become a time consuming repair job because of the use of a/c stop leak?.

Automotive AC repairs.

Many shops will refuse to even connect their recovery machine to your car’s ac system if they suspect the use of stop leak. Sealants could do really expensive damage to recovery equipment creating a huge problem for repair shops.
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