What are normal car ac repair prices in Miami?

The average costs for common car A/C  repair services in Miami are:

A/C Repair – $384 to $445

A/C Compressor Replacement – $1,546 to $1,705

A/C Recharge – $239 to $281

*This data is based on Kelley Blue Book’s Fair Repair Range.

How can I spend less on my car ac system repair?

  1. Our mechanics offer mobile car ac repairs in Miami.
  2. We have significantly lower overhead costs compared to the conventional local shops.
  3. Your gender doesn’t determine the cost of auto ac repair.
  4. Our price doesn’t change even if it takes longer to complete the job than estimated.
  5. We offer 1 year warranty on parts and labor.
  6. Prior to any repair we will provide you with the detailed cost of labor, parts, and taxes. You’ll know exactly what’s included in your service so there are no surprises.

Why is fixing an ac in a car so expensive ?

The cost of car ac repair will vary depending on :

  1. Make and model of the vehicle.
  2. Type of vehicle. Internal combustion engine (ICE) prices are cheaper compared to Electric vehicles (EV) or hybrid vehicles.
  3. Labor/Time to replace or repair the ac component.
  4. The type of refrigerant used in the vehicle’s ac system.R134a is cheaper compared to R1234yf.
  5. The price of the ac component that needs to be replaced. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are more expensive than Aftermarket components.

Car ac repair in Miami ?

We service almost all areas in Miami-Dade County. Call us today to set an appointment!

  • Doral
  • Miami Lakes
  • Hialeah
  • Coral Gables
  • Hialeah garden
  • Downtown
Most common automotive ac type of problem ?

These are the most common car ac components failures and repairs :

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • A/C Compressor failure.
  • A/C system contamination.

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What are Symptoms of a bad car air conditioner ?

Symptoms of a bad car air conditioner due to :


  • The ac system performance is greatly decreased.
  • The driver and passengers start to smell some particular odor that is often described as the odor coming from a room that is been locked for a long time.
  • In cars with dual ac units another sign is that the front unit stops blowing cold air first while the back unit still blows some cool air.
  • in cars with front ac unit only, the vents from one side of the car blows colder than the other one.
  • Compressor cycling on and off too often.
  • Frost in a/c lines.
  • Visible refrigerant (Freon) leaks


  • The ac system performance has greatly decreased.
  • Noise coming from the engine compartment with the ac on.
  • Burnt rubber or plastic smell coming from the engine compartment with the a/c on.

A/C system contamination.

  • The ac system performance has greatly decreased.
  • A/C system stop working or a decrease in performance is noticed after the ac system was serviced.
Do you need assistance with the A/C in your vehicle ?

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