Car A/C condenser removal, installation & cost.

Car ac condenser design.Removal & installation procedure and cost.

What is the hvac condenser?

The condenser is a heat exchanger and operates much like the radiator. Condenser designs have changed over the years, but there have been 3 main heat exchanger types. They are:
-Tube and fin condenser
-Serpentine tube condenser
-Parallel flow condenser.
Condensers cool the high-pressure, high temperature refrigerant gas coming out from the high pressure side of the ac compressor.

What are the main causes of a condenser failure?

-Clogged up condenser
-Damage created by road debris

Replacement & installation of the a/c condenser.

Necessary preliminary tasks:
- Properly evacuate the a/c system making sure there are no positive pressure readings on gauges
-In most cases for the replacement of the hvac condenser core Removal of the front bumper trim is needed.
-Release screws.
-Disconnect discharge and liquid line from condenser.
-Replace sealing o-rings
-Use the appropriate tools to mount sealing o-rings without damaging them.
-Make sure brackets are seated correctly on condenser.
-oil balance the component
After installation:
- Evacuate and recharge the  A/C system.

Cost of a/c condenser replacement service.

The cost will depend on the type of car; make model and year you drive. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they’ll come to your home or office with the best prices in town because we don’t have the high overhead expenses conventional repair shops have.

Where can I properly service my car or truck ac system?

Give us a call at 786-483-9406 Auto A/C Repair LLC. Offers a comprehensive and very convenient ac repair mobile service. We come to your home or office and you can go on with your normal day. All we need is a driveway or parking space where our technicians can work.