ac compressor repair near me

Can you put too much PAG oil in compressor?

Too much oil or too little oil in the car ac system.

Too much oil will restrict refrigerant flow through the ac condenser and too little oil will decrease lubrication to the compressor.

Oil overcharge or undercharge impact on the car ac system.

Too much oil in the car a/c system could result in extremely high head pressures which will cause poor air conditioning performance and premature wear and failure of the auto ac compressor. If there is a surplus of oil in the air conditioning system, too much oil circulates with the refrigerant ,causing the cooling capacity of the a/c system to be reduced and the hvac compressor head pressure to increase. Too little oil results in poor lubrication of the automotive ac compressor and an increase in the heat of compression which shorten the life of the vehicle’s compressor.

Do you need assistance adding or balancing the oil in your car air conditioning system?

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