car ac compressor poor drive belt issues.

car ac compressor poor performance.

Car ac compressor poor performance output.

Car ac compressor output will be impacted by serpentine belt problems: a defective belt tensioner, misalignment of a pulley or defective bearings of any component of the drive system. Worn out drive system belts lead to poor car ac  compressor performance. Before blaming an auto ac compressor for an ac system performing poorly check the entire drive system for wear and proper tension. Drive system misalignment, worn out or damaged components and belt contamination will impact the life of the hvac compressor as well as all accessories in your vehicle and will reduce the overall performance of the ac system.

Serpentine belts.

About two decades ago vehicles had multiple serpentine belts with up to 4 points of contact. Today’s vehicles will run all the accessories with a single serpentine belt that can have over 10 points of contact, creating very complicated drive system designs. New serpentine belts are made with an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) compound and not anymore with neoprene material that was more flexible but more subject to stretch and cracks. The belt material was changed to an EPDM rubber compound that last longer but is inherently stiffer than the older neoprene compounds. This stiffer compound can be less resistant to minor pulley misalignment and more prone for belt noise. It is always a good idea to check for alignment and wear of drive system components with laser or straight edge precision alignment tool. On these EPDM rubber type belt is uncommon to see cracks on the belt and wear should be measured with special tools, conventional checks by sight are not enough on these serpentine belts. The new drive system should be inspected for wear starting at 60,000 miles and worn components should be replaced at 90,000 miles, because of the improvement of the materials used for the construction of drive belts and drive system components we can get more miles out of these systems.
According to Dayco, Belt noise is the equivalent to a check engine light that indicates something is wrong with the belt drive system. 9 times out of 10 it’s not the belt causing the noise.

Car ac compressor Drive system components. Belt tensioner.

Belt tensioner maintains the correct amount of tension on the belt at all times. If the belt tension is too low, the belt will slip causing noise, extremely high temperatures and premature wear that will be transferred to every component in contact with the drive serpentine belt. If the tension is too high, this will cause excessive wear to the belt-driven accessories.
Any fluid used under the hood, leaking onto the serpentine belt will contaminate the drive belt weakening the EPDM compound changing the properties of this material making the belt slippery and attracting dirt over the pulley groove surfaces. Eventually, such a belt will slip, create heat and fail and because moderns drive system usually use one belt to drive all the accessories you’ll have a stranded vehicle and really bad day.

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