auto air conditioning condenser installation near me

Auto Air conditioning condenser installation near me.

Auto Air Conditioning Condenser Installation Near Me

The auto a/c condenser  is one of the heat exchanger in the auto ac system. It will be in charge of converting the refrigerant in the system from a superheated gas into a subcooled liquid refrigerant. A well maintained properly operating auto air conditioning condenser will ensure a longer life of the auto ac compressor. The condenser needs to be free from road debris to operate as efficiently as possible. A dirty auto ac condenser will impact the entire air conditioning system elevating the pressure of the refrigerant making the compressor to work harder and pushing every connection at ac hoses and lines to the operating pressure limits.

Removal of auto air conditioning condenser:

  1. Use a refrigerant recovery machine (For the specific refrigerant in the a/c system) to safely recovery/recycle the refrigerant.
  2. Remove mounting bolt, and then disconnect high pressure hose/line from auto air compressor to condenser.
  3. Remove mounting bolt, and then disconnect liquid line from air conditioning condenser.
  4. Cap or wrap the joint of the A/C piping to avoid the entry of air and moisture into the system.
  5. Remove mounting bolts, and then remove condenser upper bracket(LH/RH).
  6. Remove auto a/c condenser. Be careful not to damage core surface of condenser and radiator
  7. Replace O-rings with new ones.
  8. Lubricate new O-rings.
  9. Oil balance the new condenser.

Installation of auto air conditioning condenser

  1. Installation is basically the reverse order of removal.
  2. Vacuum the system.
  3. Recharge refrigerant to manufacturer specifications.
  4. Check the entire system for refrigerant leakages.


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