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Auto A/C compressors repair in town Miami

What the ac compressor in your car is telling you.

Automotive a/c compressor clutch bearing failures are usually, caused by other components system malfunction and not the hvac compressor clutch assembly bearing itself.

Auto A/C compressors repair in town, Miami.

Having your a/c system inspected as soon as you noticed a decrease in cooling capacity or abnormal noises when the a/c is on could save you time and money.

Replacing the noisy bearing without finding the root of the problem and fixing it permanently will only lead to premature damage of a new ac compressor and a waste of time and money.

How does  a damaged ac compressor sound like ?

Excessively elevated temperature and lack of lubrication are the biggest enemies of any automotive a/c compressor bearings. Slipping compressor clutches can generates temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees F; this tremendous amount of heat will quickly melt down the bearing seal. The bearing loses its grease and, in the process, before it locks up completely it gets rough and noisy.

How to know if it is just the compressor bearing or the whole compressor assembly?


  1. Start the vehicle
  2. Engine running a/c off
  3. Open the engine compartment and locate your a/c compressor
  4. Is there any grinding noise coming from the compressor ?
  5. Yes: A/C compressor clutch assembly bearing might be bad




  1. Start the vehicle
  2. Engine running A/C on
  3. Open the engine compartment and locate the a/c compressor
  4. Are there any grinding noises coming from the compressor ?
  5. Yes: The A/C Compressor could be damaged internally

A/C compressor factory bearing defects will not need more than a few hours of compressor operation to become evident. Rarely the bearing itself is the culprit.

Need Assistance ?

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