best a/c compressors parts for cars

Best ac compressor parts for cars & trucks installation.

A/C compressor clutch is not engaging.

If the ac compressor Clutch isnít engaging it doesnít necessarily mean that the clutch coil is bad. A compressor clutch can also fail from mechanical problems, such as an excessive air gap between the pressure plate and rotor, or oil on either of these components.

Compressor clutch assembly excessive air gap.

In many cases the problem with an excessive compressor clutch gap is due to improper service of the ac system, running the compressor for too long with an undercharged system, faulty cycling switch or an incorrect replacement of the compressor clutch assembly which causes the hvac compressor to cycle too often.If this slippage occurs for a period of time, the surfaces of the pressure plate and rotor will be damaged beyond repair and the entire clutch assembly will need to be replaced.

Prices for compressor clutch assembly replacement & adjustment.

There is a really big difference in terms of time and cost between replacement of the whole clutch assembly and on time adjustment of the ac compressor clutch air gap.

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